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ATM Ltd is committed to staying at the fore front of machining technology, our continued investment in C.N.C. machinery is testimony to this. We are capable of manufacturing a vast range of complex parts for a variety of sectors, including the automotive and construction industries.

All of our CNC Milling Machines are programmed and operated by experienced, skilled machinists. We have also invested in a Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) system which is closely linked to our Computer Aided Design (CAD) system. The resulting integrated CAD/CAM system allows our staff to take the computer generated design and feed it directly into the manufacturing system. The design is then converted into machine programs to control our CNC machines.

The milling machines we have at our disposal are:-

  • 1 Awea 2000 x 1200
  • 1 Eagle 1000 x 500
  • 1 Eagle 1300 x 680
  • 1 Daewoo Mynx 1000 x 500
  • 1 Doosan DNM500 1000 X 500
  • 4 Blocking mills (manual)
cnc milling cnc milling

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