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What we offer

Our experience in the tooling industry is such that we are able to provide a host of design services to our clients. Some of the primary services we offer are:-

  • The design of Press Tooling to suit individual requirements
  • The provision of 2D & 3D Computer Aided Design packages operated by experienced CAD Technicians and compatible with IGS, VDA, Catpart, DXF, DWG and Step files
  • 3D unfolding including non planner faces
  • 3D Deep Draw Analysis
  • 3D Stage/ Progression strip construction
  • Full 2D & 3D Tool Design
  • Fully detailed drawings for manufacture
  • In-house Design to assist with ongoing support/advice throughout the tool life
  • 50 years experience between designers


We have invested in a Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) system which is closely linked to our Computer Aided Design (CAD) system. The resulting integrated CAD/CAM system allows our staff to take the computer-generated design, and feed it directly into the manufacturing system. The design is then converted into machine programs to control our CNC machines.

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