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EDM machines are a key technology in the manufacture of press tools and the machining of complex precision components. In toolmaking, progression dies and punches are predominantly manufactured by wire cutting. All our machines and software are capable of 4 Axis machining which allows us to generate different profiles top and bottom. Our EDM machines are capable of producing parts of extreme accuracy and surface finish down to RA 0.04 m. All of our EDM machines are supplied by market leading Agie/Charmilles Technologies.

Our EDM section is made up of the following machines:-

  • 1 Charmille 510
  • 1 Charmille 440 clean cut
  • 1 Charmille 640 clean cut
  • 2 Charmille Cut 30
  • 1 Charmille Hole start
  • Charmille CNC Spark Eroder

and includes the following capabilities:-

  • Clean Cut Technology Wire Machines with Table Travel up to 800 x 550 x 500 (high)
  • EDM Drill for efficient hole starting
  • CNC Spark Erosion
  • Remote access for mobile monitoring
  • Programmed using PEPS 4 Axis software
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