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As part of our inspection and testing process, we are able to carry out a full production try-out in house. This level of testing goes beyond what you would expect from our competitors. We have recently refurbished a 300 ton try out press with a servo feed decoiler in order that we can carry out full production trials in house. This service is crucial to many of our customers as we can prove that the tool operates efficiently in a production environment therefore cut lead times , thus saving the customer valuable production time often lost through costly tool trials.


  • 160 ton Erfurt 1200 x 700
  • 200 ton Cowlishaw Walker 1300 x 800 Load sensors
  • 300 Wilkins & Mitchell 2400 x 1200
  • The Wilkins & Mitchell press we have just had re-furbished, fully re-wired with new load sensors and a decoiler/feeder added which can take material 380 x 3.2 therefore we can fully trial tools from coil before they arrive at the customer site

Fitting Area

  • 7m x 13m with 2 off 3.2ton cranes and 4 off 2 ton cranes which can comfortably handle 9 tools at any one time.
  • A range of Forklifts from 3.5t to 7.0t
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